“I can genuinely say that I never thought I would have access to this incredible opportunity. Collaborating with the incredible talent here at Chapman has been a dream and I am so thankful to be in such a creative and supportive environment. I will be forever thankful that I was able to be a part of something so special.”

-Lexi Difilippo, B.F.A. in Dance Performance ‘18

“I feel so fortunate to have been chosen to be a part of the Technology for Live Performance course. Getting the chance to both choreograph and perform on a Cirque Du Soleil stage has been a dream and I couldn’t thank Alicia and Don Guy, the Cirque team and the technology students for such an incredible opportunity. This has made my experience at Chapman University truly worthwhile.”

-Avery Emmert, B.F.A. in Dance Performance ‘18


“Being selected to be a part of this course has truly been a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will forever be so grateful for. Learning how to be a collaborative artist has been such a valuable experience and performing on a Cirque du Soleil stage in Las Vegas is a dream come true. Thank you so much to Alicia and Don Guy, Cirque du Soleil and everyone who made this all possible!”

-Kelly Eustis, B.F.A. in Dance Performance ‘18


“Technology for Live Performance has always been a course I have dreamed of having the opportunity of being a part of, and fortunately I am able to say I have had the honor of being a select member of this incredible class for my final semester at Chapman. Alicia and Don have truly put everything they have into this class to make it remarkable, and it has been the most rewarding learning experiences in my education thus far. I am beyond ecstatic to perform in Las Vegas on a Cirque du Soleil stage showcasing ourselves and all of the pieces we have been working tirelessly on all semester long!”

-Amanda Garcia, B.F.A. in Dance Performance ‘18


“The tech for live performance class has provided me with a taste of what my future career holds. It is incredible to experience the collaboration process that is so vital to surviving in this industry. The creative platform that this class provides is one of a kind and I’m beyond grateful to have the opportunity to participate in it.”

-Cassi Mihalovich, B.F.A. in Dance Performance ‘18


“I am so excited to be a part of this special event. Being surrounded by the dedication and hard-work put into this show has been such a great learning environment as a collaborative performer. Thank you to everyone who was able to make this show happen!!”

-Shannon McCarthy, BA in Dance, BA in Sociology ‘18


“I am so thankful to have been selected to participate in this one of a kind course. It has been such a valuable learning experience to collaborate with my incredibly talented peers. Thank you so much to Alicia and Don for providing us with this unique, groundbreaking opportunity!”

-Meredith Miller, B.F.A. in Dance Performance ‘18


“I have been fortunate enough to be selected for this course for the last 2 years and it has surpassed my expectations in every way possible!  This partnership with Cirque du Soleil has allowed me to grow greatly as a performer & have a greater appreciation for the business as I embark on my professional dance career!  I hope everyone enjoys our performance on the Zumanity stage in Vegas, I know I will enjoy this incredible opportunity immensely! “

-Kelly Nimens, B.F.A. in Dance Performance ’18


“This experience has been full of lessons, growth and uplifting experiences from the very beginning. Collaborating with other students has expanded my horizons and allowed us to bring our wildest visions to life. This class is a celebration and proof of the amazing things that teamwork can create in pair with incredible leadership. “

-Eugenia Rodriguez, B.F.A. in Dance Performance ‘18


“This course has been one of the most remarkable experiences for me. Fundamentally, it is based on the knowledge that both Professors Don and Alicia Guy have acquired through their real professional experiences, which has bridged the gap between technicians and performers at Chapman University. Commitment, collaboration, professionalism, growth and excitement for the technical and performance worlds are all aspects of this course, allowing us the amazing and honorable opportunity to perform on the Cirque du Soleil stage, which is an amazing dream accomplished for all of us students.”

-Serena Smith, B.F.A. in Dance Performance ‘18


“I am so grateful to have been selected for the prestigious Technology for Live Performance class at Chapman University. Thank you to Alicia and Don Guy and their partnership with Cirque du Soleil whom were able to make this incredible performance happen. I hope everyone enjoys our show of collaborative efforts that we have been working so hard on!” 

-Michelle Harvey, BA in Dance, BA in Public Relations & Advertising ‘18